Let's return interests where they belong!


Sing up to our client list to gain additional 0,50% interest for a period of three years.

    Saving Investments

    Represent a profitable, non-taxable and low-risk alternative to bank deposits and investment funds. The funds of clients who have registered a savings investment are used in the real economy and represent a portfolio of balanced and dispersed short-term loans to companies that are secured by real assets and protected according to the highest financial standards.

    Profitable and low risk.

    Entrepreneurs financing

    Represents an innovative model of short-term financing of economic entities in different variants with flexible conditions. Our model enables entrepreneurs to go through sensitive phases in business, financial consolidation and long-term stable business.

    Fast, professional and simple.

    Real estate projects

    We organize and manage the process of construction and sale of residential real estates on the Adriatic coast, invest in commercial, logistics real estate projects and manage our own real estate portfolio. Our unique project management model consists of constructing buildings with 8 to 15 apartments. In the process of construction planning we choose exclusive and peaceful locations, build modern low energy cost buildings and we offer individual planning, know-how and integrated approach to all our customers.

    Location, quality and favorable prices.

    EU funds and national AID

    include the preparation and implementation of projects co-financed by EU funds and national sources. We manage projects from various industries, which ensures an optimal presence in all phases of the project, and we have extensive experience in projects of rural development and fishinig, entrepreneurship and the public sector. We offer expert assistance in developing project ideas, drafting project proposals and project management in order to realize clients ideas into a high-quality and successful project.

    Fast and professional.

    Accounting services and tax advisory services

    In addition to providing accounting services, users who have organized their own accounting, we offer advice on performing accounting tasks and provide advice on bookkeeping of business events and preparing financial statements. We also offer the preparation of financial statements tailored to the needs of the client, as well as consulting in the management of tax liabilities.

    Dedicated and professional.

    Consulting in corporate business

    We provide support through consulting services with the aim of finding a quality and sustainable solution for our clients. We offer business and financial consulting, management and coordination of all activities on which the implementation of projects is based. In addition, we offer the preparation of investment studies, business plans and feasibility studies, and provide support in finding an appropriate financing program. By providing practical advice and an individual approach to clients, we place emphasis on client satisfaction and the creation of long-term cooperation.

    Dedicated and professional.

    Why is Fine'sa different?

    Fine’sa is able to create innovative solutions in savings and financing and and covers a wide range of financial services useful for citizens and entrepreneurs

    We are experts

    A combination of experienced staff from the banking sector and young highly educated professionals raised in Fine’sa

    We are fast

    We carry out internal procedures and assess risks, we are agile and our response time is short

    We are flexibile

    We use our procedures to monitor and control business processes, but we are not their slaves. We nurture an individual approach, business creativity and we are open to discuss different options.

    History is on our side

    The history of our founders and management is 30 years long

    We gained trust

    From 2015 to 2022 , we issued 34 million euros of corporate bonds with a 100% renewal of subscriptions

    Our goal is your success

    Ako uspijevate Vi, uspijevamo i mi. Mi smo Vaš PARTNER! To je naša poslovna filozofija

    Fine'sa Group

    a unique provider of alternative financial services in Croatia. We are a financial partner to entrepreneurs and citizenship to achieve fixed and non taxable earnings and to give support in realisation of business ideas.
    It has developed due to the continuous successful performace of banking entrepreneurship projects of the founders (ŠKZ MIPCRO – saving institution, ŠKZ Kovanica – saving institution and Banka Kovanica – bank) and now Fine`sa Group.